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Jim Kam is a Houston, Texas based musician whose primary instrument is the Chapman Stick. Actually, Jim is really from Tomball. Raise your hands, all of you who know where Tomball is. I thought as much. Tomball is within Harris County, so let's just say Houston and be done with it. Close enough, as they say, for government work.

Originally trained as a classical pianist, his repertoire on the Stick is an eclectic blend of classical, jazz, folk, rock, pop, blues, and traditional genres with the occasional Celtic ballad tossed in for good measure.

While he may be an obscure guy, he is often recognized in bars as that guy who plays the funky weird-ass  instrument. Or at least that is what he surmises the whispers and surreptitious pointing is about. On the other hand, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that everyone isn't out to get you.

Always glad to oblige, Jim lends a somewhat anachronistic, if perverse presence by hanging out amongst area acoustic musicians (the Stick is strictly an electric instrument). He is a proud Haamster - a member of the HAAM, the Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians.

This website is, and will continue to be a work-in-progress. So, come on in. Look around. Check it out. Set a spell. Take your shoes off.

Y'all come back now. Y'hear?

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