Jim's song named finalist in Unisong International Songwriting Competition

I have just been notified that my song "What Was He Thinking?" placed among the Top 20 Finalists in the Acoustic/Folk category of the Unisong International Songwriting Contest. While I didn't win, I am thrilled to have made it this far.

I wrote the song primarily to help me deal with the sudden passing of a young colleague. He was barely 30, diligent, smart, well liked, and had a brand new family including an infant child. He seemed to have a lot going for him, yet he chose to take his own life. While I didn't really know him all that well (perhaps nobody really did) I was nevertheless profoundly saddened by the event. 

The circumstances and people named in the song fictitious. At the time I wrote it, I happened to be attending a songwriting seminar taught by Johnsmith at the Esalen Institute right on the Pacific coast, so the sea figures strongly in the song.  While  I do not know her at all, the song was written from his widow's perspective. I figure that if John Prine can write in the voice of and old woman, I can write in the voice of a young one.

I had considered sending her a CD with this song, but decided against it for fear of perhaps opening up as yet unhealed wounds.

An mp3 demo of the song may be found on my Sonicbids page under the "Audio" section. My friend Lena Shammas did the backing vocals on the track.

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