"Quit messing around with that damn thing and go take out the garbage" - Cynthia Kam

"Pretty good, Dad. Now can I have a bike?" - Joshua Kam

"I love to listen to Jim and his Stick. The music they make is so peaceful; it is a great end to a hectic day. Jim has a wonderful voice and it fits very well with the music he plays. I'm glad I know Jim and I am glad I have the opportunity to listen to his music."Mauri Cowen via email

"While we've had a couple of Chapman stick players appear on members' albums before, this is the first MTM member whose primary instrument on the album is the Stick. Welcome Jim Kam of Houston as he offers JIMMY NOBODY, a five-cut EP worthy of every accolade available. If you haven`t familiarized yourself with this fabulous instrument invented in 1970 by Emmett Chapman, now is a good time. Not only is it a beautiful instrument for lyric-less music such as on Kam's Daydream, but it is a fabulous instrument for accompanying the voice, and Kam has a great one. Jim Kam pens two of the five tracks, covering two, and the fifth being the traditional She Moved Through The Fair. I'm leaving this disc in my player. You need it for yours."Lucky Boyd of MyTexasMusic.

"Jimmy Nobody" is a collection of dreamful states of consciousness,of music that is almost "sacred and worshipful" if I may be allowed such bold a statement.It is also a portrait of an artist who is not afraid to follow the calling of his own muse ... this E.P. left me wanting for more.I only hope he doesn't make us wait too long! - Juan Leon of StrataSphere Radio Click here for the entire review

"Kam ... plays a nicely recorded 10-string XG Stick with the PASV-4 pickup module. His light touch and lingering phrasing give the instrument the lush chime of a harpsichord crossed with a warm dreadnought and a bare-finger-picked Strat. This subtle texture serves the simple, heartfelt music well." - John Edmonds. Click here for the entire review

"... a simple, straightforward honest recording, I only wish there were more than just five tunes." - Jim Reilly. Click here for the entire review

"No, it’s not the name of Jim’s band….for those of us just now learning about these things, the Chapman Stick is the name of his musical INSTRUMENT, and its sound is gorgeous. The music Jim creates with his accomplished voice and this one instrument (yes, that’s bass AND guitar-type sounds at once) is amazing. Jim hails from Singapore, lives in Houston, and calls himself a Haamster-he’s a member of the Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians.

Go to to hear the music, chuckle at a few of his wry comments (I found myself frequently laughing out loud), and to read about the Chapman Stick, so that YOU won’t have to ask, ” What the heck IS that thing?”."

- Denise Burnsed,

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