Here are some mp3 samples from my 2004 CD entitled Jimmy Nobody. Both selections were composed by me and are solo instrumentals played on a 10 string Chapman Stick.  These were recorded without overdubs.

These tracks were engineered and produced by Mike Thompson of Ivory Tower Realizations

Daydream was the first piece I ever wrote for Chapman Stick. It is a fairly simple tune which came to me one lazy sunday afternoon as I lay down on the couch, hence the title.

Remembering Allison was written to honor the memory of Allison Krause. On May 4th, 1970, on the campus of Kent State University, Aliison and three fellow students were tragically killed by National Guardsmen. This is not a protest song, however. It is a lament. An expression of one parent's grief over the loss of a child. A child who was the embodiment of hopes, aspirations, dreams, good intentions and love. Allison is a metaphor for all children that have been cruelly taken before their time.

Jimmy Nobody is available from

The CD cover art was taken from an original oil painting by Andrew Scott DeJesse.

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